After 16 years of determination, we are so close to saving this unique piece of Glasgow’s heritage and reopening Govanhill Baths as the swimming and wellbeing centre our community needs. Refurbishment will cost over £6million, and we only have around £1million left to raise.
If we pool together, we will make this happen!  
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You will not have to pay anything until the campaign launches in March 2017, and payments can be made on a monthly schedule over a longer period of time. The minimum share offer is £100 and tax relief starts on pledges over £500. Please be realistic so we can be sure to reach our target!
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Your promise to become a shareholder will allow us to save this vital resource from dilapidation for future generations to come, and put the power back into the community’s hands. Thank you. 

Write below if you have any comments you want to pass on to the team, or any advice and help you'd like to offer.

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